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When properly designed, tuned, and supplied, diesel engines are capable of producing less in the way of environmentally harmful emissions than gasoline engines. At the same time, such power plants can also end up burdening the environment in their own distinctive ways if appropriate precautions are not implemented and maintained.

Winning the Ongoing Fight Against Nitrogen Oxide

Primary among these in importance is the production of nitrogen oxide that diesel engines will incline toward when they are configured to make use of otherwise "green" lean fuel ratios. Increasing the amount of air that is added to each cylinder with every stroke will encourage more complete combustion and lower emissions of most kinds. However, the nitrogen oxide that will be generated in the process can build up to unappealing effect in particular localities, with smog and acid rain being the most obvious problems.

Many modern diesel-powered vehicles address this issue through the injection of a catalyzing consumable into the exhaust stream. In fact, the use of diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) is mandated for most commercial vehicles and fleets today. Unfortunately, DEF can be difficult to manage and supply in the form that contributes most successfully to lessened nitrogen oxide emissions. DEF that is at all impure will not only fail to meet statutory standards, in many cases, it will do a relatively poor job of satisfying its basic purpose.

A Better Way to Manage and Supply DEF

Because DEF is so challenging to handle, many fleet managers struggle with how to obtain, store, and dispense it without subjecting the consumable to unacceptable degradation or contamination. It takes careful oversight at every stage of the process to be able to equip an entire fleet with DEF of sufficient quality and purity.

Fortunately, there are ways of meeting these challenges head-on with the help of others. The BlueDEF system, for instance, covers everything required to be sure of providing only top quality DEF at all times. With a full range of buy diesel exhaust fluid being designed, maintained, and operated with an eye toward preserving purity, the kinds of problems that are normally so common are never given any chance to crop up.

As a result, most fleet managers will be well advised to at least look into this option. Instead of needing to make arrangements of their own, those who opt for this type of service can rely with confidence on DEF Pumps, storage systems, and supplies provided by experts who understand and account for all the relevant issues.