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Conservation work is going on across the country and this is helping to preserve the wildlife and countryside that we have left. The expanding human population has placed a huge demand on the food production of the country. The resources are limited but the population is increasing quite rapidly so the problems are growing. The demand for food means that crops need to be perfect so the use of fertilisers and herbicides is increasing too. Factory chimneys emit sulphur dioxide, which has to be monitored. Sulphur dioxide emitted into the atmosphere by industrial processes is ultimately converted into dilute sulphuric acid, returning to Earth as acid rain. For this reason, sulphur dioxide is a major cause of air pollution. Crude oil, known as petrol, is used in the manufacture of fertilisers, medicines, plastic, building materials, paints and to generate electricity. It is also used for the fuelling of transport such as cars and planes. Petrol contains hydrocarbons and sulphur. When the hydrocarbons and sulphur are burned for use they give off sulphur dioxide and carbon dioxide. These gases are harmful to the environment. Sulphur dioxide forms sulphuric acid and causes acid rain, carbon dioxide adds to the greenhouse effect. The greenhouse effect means that the levels of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases that usually prevent heat loss from the earth are increasing. This results in raised temperatures on earth leading to partial melting of the polar ice caps. If the ice caps melted too much some countries would be flooded, if they were all to melt then the whole world would be underwater. The government is trying to reverse some of the effects man has had on the environment, for example, factories have to monitor the amount of emissions that come from their chimneys very closely and if they emit too much sulphur dioxide or other harmful chemicals then the factory can be closed down. Factories also have to monitor the amount of chemicals that they pump into the drains, they have to neutralize the effluent before it is pumped into the main drainage system to prevent any chemicals getting into the main sewers and into the rivers and affecting the ecosystem of the rivers. Some waste can be recycled, at the water treatment works they can make the water clean enough, may be not to drink, but to water non-edible crops and for industrial processes and recreation. Crop rotation is another way in which the land is being preserved a little more. Different crops are being grown in different places so that the same nutrients aren’t being used from the same piece of soil every time and therefore the nutrients are being used in equal quantities. The nutrients in the soil then have time to replenish themselves over the years. In addition, natural fertilisers are being used like farmyard manure instead of phosphates and nitrates. This means that the nutrients are released slowly as they decay and therefore improve the structure of the soil. The demand on agriculture to increase food production conflicts greatly with the need to protect the environment. Organic crops are becoming more popular as they don’t have any fertilisers on them, which affect the environment. Many. July 4, 2010 11:49 AM. 2. Begin with you rather than going too general. SmartArt graphics. The importance of professional design for your company as a whole, ensuring consistent branding throughout the entire business from your business card, website, email signature and headed paper to your PowerPoint presentations is imperative if you want to be taken seriously. Please don’t underestimate the power of design as a tool for gaining respect and trust in business and make sure that your presentation looks impressive and professional. If your company branding is in place already with professional design then you will have specific fonts, a logo and colouring that is used and hopefully a PowerPoint template ready to go – great! However, in many cases smaller businesses to do not have the budget to implement strong branding and get lost along the way using previous presentations or standard templates or awful clipart that will scream ‘beginner’ to the majority of your audience; that is not a great message to deliver before you have even had the chance to speak. General things to avoid are clutter, clip art, pixelated images or logos and bad colour mixing or busy clashing of colours. If you are not great at design or layout then appoint someone in the office that is to review all presentations. Alternatively, search for some good templates online or use a PowerPoint template that closely links with your branding. A top tip is that simple looks professional. Keep the design clean and clear and use good high resolution photos to help lift the visuals, avoiding clutter. The great thing about PowerPoint is that you can click on by, so if you want a good picture to take up an entire slide, then let it! Don’t cram to save space. I have provided an example of a good clean business template above. Your Job Is to Use PowerPoint to Influence Listeners. According to the BLS, employment of editors in general is expected to decline 5% during the 2014-2024 decade. Competition is expected to be high due to the popularity of this profession. Copy editors familiar with electronic and digital media will experience the best employment opportunities. 2. Moksa - Creative Agency PowerPoint Presentation. 118+ creative, versatile slide designs. Plenty device mockups and infographic slides. Easy to edit image placeholders and other time-savers. Elegant, animated transitions on slides and objects. 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