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Many individuals have damp areas in their homes and, if it isn't taken care of by a professional, the moisture issues will only get worse. Dampness in a home can lead to damaged belongings, mold growth, and health issues. Individuals can read the frequently asked questions below to learn additional information about the problems with moisture in a home and contacting a damp proofing specialist.


What are some of the common reasons why individuals have dampness in their homes?


There are three major causes of dampness in homes, and these include condensation, penetrating dampness, and rising dampness. When a home is damp because of condensation issues, mold will often begin to grow in the kitchen or bathroom. Condensation can be easily averted by the use of fans for proper ventilation.


Penetrating dampness can be caused by the wetness from a broken water pipe or from water that leaks in from a damaged roof. When these issues are repaired, the dampness should go away. Individuals who have a damp basement due to the slope of the ground may need to have their basement sealed.


Those who have a problem with rising damp ness often have bigger issues because the dampness is penetrating the walls and entering the home. To remedy this problem, a damp proofing technician can protect the home by installing damp proof materials or by injecting a substance right above the ground's surface that will protect the home.


How can individuals tell if they have excessive dampness in their homes?


It's important for individuals to find out if they have dampness inside their homes. damp specialist can cause the house to smell like mildew. This odor can also permeate clothes, books, and other items, which will eventually ruin them.


When mold starts to grow due to the dampness inside the house, people who have allergies can become sick when they breathe mold spores into their lungs. When individuals suspect they have a dampness issue in their homes, they should immediately contact qualified damp surveyors for an inspection.


While performing damp surveys, a technician will examine the exterior and interior portions of the home and look for signs of dampness and moisture. After the inspection, the technician will fill out a report that outlines the damp areas in the home.


Individuals who have problems with dampness in their homes can contact SG Damp Proofing for the superior service of damp proofing their home. The company provides comprehensive treatment plans for dampness in homes. This company utilizes the latest treatment methods for damp and promises a 30-year guarantee on their work.